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Wellness Center Update

CCM Wellness Center

Wellness Center Update

CCM Health is excited to be moving forward with the development of the CCM Wellness Center. The CCM Wellness Center will be a partner in helping people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The CCM Wellness Center will have areas for cardio and strength training exercises, a large walking track, a fitness studio for classes, the ability to train in a group setting, a racquetball court, a half-court basketball/pickleball area, a demonstration kitchen to help people learn about preparing and cooking healthy meals, an area where children can play while supervised by their parents, a sauna, and educational space.

There has been a lot of work accomplished on the project and a lot more to come! As we look at what has been done since the beginning of this year:

  • The CCM Health Board of Directors and Administration made it a priority to take a proactive approach to improving health while, at the same time, providing something that has been talked about for years in the community.
  • The vacant Coborn’s grocery store, was identified as a primary location due to its proximity to the main CCM Health campus.
  • Community meetings were held and, ultimately, the Montevideo City Council and the Chippewa County Commissioners voted to approve moving ahead with the purchase of the grocery store for the purpose of following through with our vision.
  • Meetings were held with numerous construction companies and architects to determine who provided the experience and shared in our vision to create this once-in-a-lifetime facility. J&D Construction, from Montevideo, was chosen as the construction manager. Mohagen Hansen, from Wayzata, MN, was chosen as the architect.
  • Demo was started immediately after the purchase was finalized. This was done to speed up the process while the design was completed and the project was priced out. The demo was finished within six weeks and is now in good shape to start with the build.
  • A group of the leadership team has toured other facilities and identified equipment that will be used in the new space.
  • The architectural and engineering plans are expected to be complete by the end of September.
  • The plan is to put out the plans for bids by October and start construction in October.

Next steps:

  • We will be developing a timeline for the hiring of a manager and staff soon.
  • We will be arranging for equipment purchases in October.

We will be providing updates on the progress of construction and design and also be providing information on membership prices, programs, etc as they are known. We are so excited to be able to bring such a needed service to our community!

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