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Chronic Care Management

CCM Health - General / Primary Care

CCM Health’s Chronic Care Management is a care coordination service offered to our patients that have two or more chronic conditions and various health needs. We assist patients with overcoming barriers to improving their health, while navigating the ever-changing healthcare system. Registered Nurse Care Coordinators work together with patients, their providers, staff, and outside entities to plan, coordinate, and manage services based on the individual needs and goals of the patient. Chronic Care Management works to help patients prevent unnecessary visits and achieve better health outcomes through a holistic approach.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management

  • 24/7 access to a health care professional
  • Priority access to your care team for urgent appointments
  • Complete review of preventive care needs and scheduling of those needs
  • Medication review to assure you understand your medications and why you take them
  • Understanding your conditions and any questions you may have about them
  • Creation of a Personalized Care Plan with a goal, accountability, and motivation
  • Assistance with managing care between your primary provider and specialty providers
  • Coordination with home and/or community-based resources which can enhance all aspects of your care

Call (320) 269-8877 and ask to speak to a Care Coordinator or talk to your primary care provider at your next appointment.

CCM Health’s quality metrics are available upon request by calling (320) 269-8877.

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