Chronic Care Management

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Chronic Care Management is a program offered to CCM Health’s patients that have complex conditions or multiple health needs. Patients are referred by their provider and assigned a Registered Nurse Care Coordinator who helps the patient achieve their health care goals. Chronic Care Management works to help patients prevent unnecessary visits and achieve better health outcomes through a holistic approach.  

Benefits of Chronic Care Management: 

  • 24/7 access to your health care team 
  • Priority access to your care team for urgent appointments 
  • Complete review of preventive care needs and scheduling of those needs 
  • Medication review to assure you understand your medications and why you take them 
  • Understanding your conditions and any questions you may have about them 
  • Creation of a Personalized Care Plan with goal creation, accountability and motivation 
  • Assistance with managing care between your primary provider and specialty providers 
  • Coordination with home and/or community-based resources which can enhance all aspects of your care 

If you feel you may benefit from Chronic Care Management, ask your provider if this program is right for you!