Financial Services

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A. PRECERTIFICATION: Most insurance companies now require pre-certification for hospital admissions. The PATIENT is responsible for seeing that this is done. The hospital will help you do this if you would like our assistance.

B. BILLING: You will receive a bill from the HOSPITAL that covers use of facilities. This will include charges for services you received, such as diagnostic tests, emergency room and physician charges, plus supplies, hospital personnel (i.e. nurses, techs, medical records services, housekeepers), meals etc. You may also receive bills from one or more of the following for their professional services, as rendered:

  • Montevideo Clinic – for inpatient physician services.
  • Satellite Computing (Willmar)
    Far reading of X-rays by radiologist
    For reading of pathology specimens by the pathologist
  • River Valley Anesthesia
    For anesthetist services
  • Other specialty physicians who come from out of town

Please note: The Hospital does not bill insurance payers for the above businesses. You must contact them directly regarding their billing procedures.

C. INSURANCE: It is important to note that the patient’s share of the bill is due at the time of discharge. This includes deductibles, co-insurance, birth certificates, and non-covered items. You will be assessed a finance charge of 8% annually on the unpaid balance. If you provide us with your insurance information, we will file your hospital claim with the following providers:

  1. We are a provider for MEDICARE, BLUE CROSS, and MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. They will pay the Hospital directly for any covered charged submitted. After your initial billing, you will not receive another statement until after payment has been received from Medicare, Blue Cross, or Medical Assistance. You will then be billed for finance charges on any remaining balance on your monthly statements.
  2. COMMERCIAL INSURANCE. We will need an assignment of benefits signed prior to submitting charges on you behalf to your insurance carrier. If your insurance company has not paid the Hospital within thirty (30) days, we expect that you will take full responsibility for the bill, and you will be billed finance charges.
    If your insurance company is causing you unnecessary delays, we would be happy to assist you in resolving these issues, or you could write to the insurance commissioner at the following address:
    Minnesota Commerce Department
    Enforcement Division
    133 East 7th Street
    St. Paul, MN 55101
    Phone: 1-800-652-9747
  3. We will allow thirty (30) days for payment from WORKER’S COMPENSATION, after which time the patient will be billed.
  4. We will not become involved in disputes arising from personal injury. Financial responsibility for our services always rests with the patient.

D. PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR THE AMOUNTS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE: We offer various options for payment of the portion of your account not covered by a third-party payer. Of course, we would like to see you pay your account in full at the time of discharge but realize that this is not possible in everyone’s case.

Information about ONLINE BILL PAY
CCM Health provides you with an online bill payment service.
You can make payments on your hospital or clinic accounts directly via this Web site. Payment types accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and eCheck.
Be sure to have your statement handy as you will be required to enter your account number(s).
Automated payment plans are also available through financial services. For details, call us at (320) 269-8877 or contact your billing specialist located on the back of your hospital and/or clinic statement.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services along with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are requiring hospitals to post current standard charges, along with payer specific contract rates and cash discounted prices. When interpreting this data, please remember this document alone provides minimal information when understanding what your final out-of-pocket cost will be. If you have any questions regarding this Pricing Transparency, please contact our Billing Department by calling (320) 269-8877 .
Click Here for CMS Hospital Pricing File.

Beginning July 1, 2019, new Minnesota laws require clinics and health systems to post their top charges and the price of those charges. Patients should contact CCM Health directly for any further details on financial services at (320) 269-8877.
Click Here for Pricing Transparency Guide.