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Thrive: Weight Loss Program

Thrive: Weight Loss Program

CCM Health’s Thrive: Weight Loss Program provides medically-directed weight loss and health maintenance support to patients seeking a healthy life-style change. The Thrive program is designed to help patients lose weight by providing support and treating them as unique individuals. This can include support with dietary choices, exercise, therapy, and weight management medications. 

CCM Health has a dedicated team who are here to help you create a plan and set realistic goals. We invite you to thrive with our innovative measures to improve your quality of life with compassionate and committed care for a better, healthier you. 

Our Thrive: Weight Loss Program Care Experts

Medical Provider Team 

CCM Health has a dedicated team of licensed medical providers on staff to assist you in your weight loss journey. Our clinicians will evaluate and prescribe for you the best treatment to achieve your weight loss goals. They are dedicated to your well-being to help ensure weight loss is achieved in a healthy way and will provide you the support and guidance needed to help you lose weight. 

Behavioral Health Team 

Working with trained behavioral health therapists can help you address some of the emotions that affect your eating habits (triggers). Our behavioral health therapists are available to you and can help you identify your triggers and how to best manage them. Learning to manage your emotions in a healthy way can help you lose weight and keep it off. It can also improve your mood, overall confidence, and well-being. 


CCM Health’s Registered Dietitian can assist you to identify healthy and satisfying food choices that help you to lose and maintain weight loss. The Thrive program does not require a specific diet and is geared towards what will work for you. Everything we suggest is simple, has variety, and is nutritionally balanced. 

Personal Trainer 

CCM Health’s personal trainers will work with you one-to-one to develop work-out goals that can assist you to achieve weight loss, strengthen muscles, and develop muscle tone. 

CCM Health’s Mission

CCM Health provides exceptional patient care that focuses on improving the health and well-being of those we serve. 

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Thrive: Weight Loss Program

What to expect at your visit

Individualized care
The Thrive program focuses on care for each patient we see. We will go through a detailed medical history, including past weight loss journeys, to help you establish personalized goals for this program. 

Physical Exam
Program participants will complete a standard physical exam and your initial weight will be recorded. This will help establish a starting point so we can watch you thrive and grow as you continue in the program. 

Participants in the Thrive program will also have basic labs completed to create a baseline from your results. Additional optional labs may be done in the future to monitor results. 

Follow up visits
Thrive program participants will have monthly follow-up appointments for the first three months and then a specific plan will be developed for your needs. Follow-up visits will include weigh-ins and may include labs. 

Optional Thrive Services 

CCM Wellness Center
Each member of the program will receive a free one-month membership to the CCM Health Wellness Center. 

Personal Trainers – $30 per session 

Behavioral Health
Meet with a therapist from our behavioral health team to identify behavioral triggers to improve your success.

Nutrition Education
Meet with CCM Health’s nutrition experts for extra support. 

Quarterly Events
Quarterly information sessions for participants that go over different weight loss topics, including speakers, cooking classes, nutrition ideas.

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