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CCM Health - Laboratory

Fully Accredited Laboratory Service

CCM Health laboratory at our Montevideo Hospital and Clinic is fully accredited by the state of Minnesota and CLIA a national accrediting agency. The laboratory is staffed 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to the care giver with help to establish the patient’s diagnosis, assess the effectiveness of the treatment being given or to monitor the effectiveness of prescribed antibiotics or therapeutic drugs. The laboratory is directed by a Pathologist who is specially trained and qualified and who can serve as a consultant to the care giver.

Professionally Trained Testing Staff

The laboratory staff consists of phlebotomists (trained individuals who collect blood samples for testing) and the certified or licensed medical technicians or technologists who perform the testing. Ordering and reporting of laboratory tests are done electronically via a (LIS) laboratory information system. The system is connected to the hospital and clinic system which allows for access from any site within the facility. Thus, allowing for manual reporting, recollection, or real time electronic reporting to any location in the facility.

Full Spectrum Testing

The laboratory provides a full spectrum of testing from a simple urinalysis to a specialized chemistry run on a state-of-the-art single platform analyzer. An affiliation with the American Red Cross makes it possible to have blood products available for any emergency. The laboratory also provides services to neighboring hospitals, clinics, and veterinarian clinics when needed. The laboratory also offers upon request to businesses and the general public various health screenings as requested at reduced rates.

Direct Access Laboratory:

CCM Health offers Direct Access Lab (DLA) which is a quick and inexpensive way for you to do lab tests without a health care provider’s order. If you do not have health insurance or if you have high insurance deductibles and co-pays you may find DLA an affordable option to get the information you need. You do not need an appointment for DLA and there is no need to register with Patient Access. The lab is unable to give anyone treatment advice, if you have a concern, please contact your health care provider. All tests must be paid for before your specimen is collected.

Hours of operation for DLA are 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Lab Test: Price:
Blood Type $20.00
Glucose (*Fasting Lab*) $15.00
Hemoglobin $15.00
CBC $20.00
PSA Screen (Prostate) $30.00
TSH (Thyroid) $30.00
Mononucleosis $15.00
A1C $25.00
Vitamin D $40.00
HIV $35.00
Microalbumin (Urine) $25.00
Urine Pregnancy Test $20.00
Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) $30.00
Basic Metabolic Profile (BMP) $20.00
Lipid Profile $25.00
Heart Health Panel (LIPID,CMP, CBC $70.00
Health Panel (CBC,CMP, LIPID, TSH) $100.00
Chol Panel (LIPID + ALT) $40.00
ALT $15.00
Anemia Panel: (CBC, FE, TIBC, FERR, FOL, B12) $110.00
Liver Panel (AST, ALT, ALKP, Albumin, TBil, Direct Bil, Total Protein) $45.00
Chlamydia/GC, Urine $160.00
QuantiFERON Gold $100.00
Urine drug screen $40.00
Free T4 $30.00
B12 $30.00
Iron (FE) $40.00
Ferritin $20.00

Insulin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       $25.00

Click here for a Direct Lab Access Form  –  Download PDF 

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