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Cardiac Rehab

CCM Health - Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab and Secondary Prevention Program

Designed to help facilitate recovery from heart attack, heart surgery, and/or other cardiovascular problems such as angina or heart failure.

This comprehensive program is customized for each individual patient, and is designed to help patients return to full and productive lives. The program emphasis is on improved quality of life achieved through lifestyle changes, including risk factor modifications, exercise, counseling and education involving patient and family for living a healthier life.

A physician’s referral is required for participation in the program. You are eligible for the program if you:

  • Have heart disease, such as angina or heart failure.
  • Have had coronary bypass surgery, a balloon catheter procedure, such as PTCA, stents, or heart valve surgery.
  • Have had a heart transplant.

“During my time in Cardiac Rehab, I received the best education on how to cut back on sodium and sugar, healthy eating habits, and exercise.  After my heart surgery, Cardiac Rehab helped my heart and body feel better than normal.  It helped me stay active and keep progressing after surgery.  I joined the CCM Wellness Center and continue to exercise, lift weights, and live a healthier lifestyle with improved eating habits.”  – Allan A.

Phases of Cardiac Rehab:

Phase I: This phase begins in the hospital following a heart attack, heart surgery, or stable angina. Emphasis is placed on gradual progression of exercise in order to reach the highest level of mobility prior to leaving the hospital.

Phase II: This phase begins after hospital discharge and includes close observation with telemetry heart monitoring each session. An individual program is designed to increase each patient’s strength and endurance, while decreasing their risk for further cardiac complications. Patients meet three times per week for 36 sessions.

Phase III: This phase includes exercise with supervision and vital sign documentation at each session. This ongoing program may include individuals with a variety of diagnosis which meets two to three days per week.

The rehabilitation team includes a Medical Director, your doctor, specially trained registered nurses, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietician, and clinical pharmacists. Our staff is certified in both Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Cardiology Services Include:

  • Holter arrhythmia monitors
  • Cardiac Event Monitoring
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitor
  • Nuclear Perfusion Cardiac Stress Testing with and without pharmacological agent supervised by on staff physicians

We also offer Cardiology Outreach coverage in–house weekly with Cardiologists coming from CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center, St. Cloud.

For more information about Cardiac Rehab and Cardiology Services, please call (320) 321-8210 between 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday – Friday.

“Cardiac Rehab has taught me so much about heart health from nutrition and exercise to lifestyle changes.  At the end of my 36-week session, I lost 25 pounds, increased my aerobic exercise ability, and improved both my cholesterol and diabetes markers!  Cardiac Rehab helped put me on a path to improve my heart health and has motivate dme to continue on that path.  The staff are wonderful, they are caring, informative, and most importantly helped keep me motivated to a healthier version of myself!”  – Nancy A.

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