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Why CCM Health

Benefit from Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our mission to provide top quality health care means we need the most advanced, prime medical equipment. Our professional staff keeps on top of the advancements, making sure our facilities are equipped with everything we need to care for you.

Wide Spectrum of Services

We offer a broad spectrum of services for all your physical, emotional, mental, and social health needs. Our services cover everything from a visit to our medical clinic to a stay in our Intensive Care Unit. Our providers can perform surgeries as well as diagnose difficult-to-determine illnesses. You can be confident that you’re in good hands when you are with CCM Health.

We Serve Our Community

As a local medical center in Montevideo, Minnesota, CCM Health is proud to offer the community a broad range of high-quality medical services.

We may be located in a rural area, but we offer services that rival independent medical centers in large cities. We are constantly growing and improving our level of care so that we can serve you as best as possible.

Experience the Difference of a Compassionate Atmosphere

We believe there are benefits to being located in a rural atmosphere where family bonds are strong. The staff at CCM Health forms its own family bond. Each patient receives personalized, individualized care complemented with friendly smiles and personal encouragement. CCM Health’s atmosphere is different from hospitals in larger cities. In a place where everyone cares so much, our providers and staff can really get to know their patients and their patients’ families. That relational aspect makes all the difference to feeling comfortable when you are at our medical center.

Professional Care from Experienced Staff

CCM Health hires highly-trained individuals with a personal goal to serve others well. We understand that health care is first and foremost about serving our patients. Our providers and staff offer a lifetime of quality care, making your experience at CCM Health exceed your expectations. We are proud to offer you some of the most competent minds and hands in the health care world.

We’re Here for You… Whenever You Need Us

There are times in life when you may not need a hospital. That’s great! We love to hear from really healthy people. But we want you to feel confident in our services for those times when you do need us. The experienced staff of providers, nurses, technicians, and therapists at CCM Health are very proud to offer their expertise to you whenever you need it. At CCM Health, we’re here for you when you need. . .

  • a physical examination for your new job
  • an x-ray of a fractured bone
  • an obstetrician for prenatal care
  • speech therapy for your young child
  • advice about an allergic reaction to a certain food
  • urgent care for your spouse’s flu-like symptoms
  • surgery to remove a cancerous tumor
  • home care for your aging parent
  • emergency care following a car accident
  • a primary care provider to give you and your family regular check-ups
  • blood work
  • dialysis treatments
  • to check on troubling symptoms pertaining to your heart
  • and countless other reasons.
Why CCM Health

Why Choose CCM Health?
Because We Care.

We compassionately care for our patients while providing high-quality health care with advanced technology. Plus, we are able to serve you right where you’re at: here in the Montevideo area. If you have general questions about our health care, please visit our Contact page and fill out the online form.

When you choose CCM Health to take care of you, you’ve already taken the best step toward great health.

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