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Online Resource Directory Launched on CCM Health Website

Online Resource Directory Launch

Online Resource Directory Launched on CCM Health Website

CCM Health is excited to announce the launch of its all-new Online Resource Directory, now available at This free, comprehensive resource directory serves as a valuable tool for individuals, families, and other organizations seeking information on important resources and support in more than 30 categories, including support for seniors, domestic violence support, child development, community support groups, and many others.

“CCM Health recognizes the importance of fostering community health and well-being. The Online Resource Directory shows our commitment to provide help and information that goes beyond medical care, addressing the many needs of our community members,” commented Lori Andreas, Vice President of Ambulatory Services at CCM Health. “The Online Resource Directory is a step towards fulfilling our mission of promoting the overall well-being of the communities we serve. It aligns perfectly with our core values and commitment to being a trusted resource for our community members.”

With the user-friendly, online resource directory, CCM Health aims to empower individuals to find the assistance they need, connecting them with vital resources and support organizations in the region.

The Online Resource Directory is featured at the top of the home page of the CCM Health website, ensuring that visitors can easily access this valuable tool.

To explore the CCM Health Online Resource Directory and experience its benefits firsthand, please visit For more information about CCM Health and its commitment to community wellness, please visit our official website at

To view our notification concerning the network security incident, please click here.