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CCM Health Opens On-Site Child Care for Employees

CCM Health - Day Care Ribbon Cutting

CCM Health Opens On-Site Child Care for Employees

CCM Health opened its on-site child care center for employees on Monday, January 13th. The new care center, developed exclusively for employee’s use, was built in CCM Health’s ambulance garage.

CCM Health’s child care program is available to provide quality day care for up to 22 children. The care center employees six staff members which includes Tammy Dandurand, the program’s Child Care Coordinator. The child care facility’s aim is to not only provide the highest quality of care for employee’s children, but strive to offer a child directed, hands on learning experience for the children they care for. CCM’s fully-trained staff will be providing a lot of nature-based learning activities, open ended learning components that will be based on children’s interests.  “Our motto has become that ‘we want the children to be the color of the center and not the stuff in the center.’” said Tammy Dandurand.   

The day care is another employee benefit that both current and prospective employees are taking note of. “We have already recruited new staff because of the difficulty in finding daycare,” said Brian Lovdahl, CEO of CCM Health. “We have also had employees transfer their children here which increases access within the existing daycares in the community. We hope this can be a model for other businesses and show that investments like these can reap massive rewards with recruitment, retention, and employee satisfaction.”

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