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CCM Health’s Memory Care Clinic Interviewed for Research Article

CCM Health’s Memory Care Clinic Interviewed for Research Article

CCM Health’s Memory Care Clinic Interviewed for Research Article

Montevideo, Minnesota — Members of CCM Health’s Memory Care Clinic were interviewed to be part of a research article published in a recent issue of the Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology.

“Exploring Memory Care Clinic in Minnesota: A Qualitative Analysis” researched memory clinic care provision throughout the state of Minnesota. CCM Health was selected as 1 of the 11 memory clinics interviewed for the research article. The article, which was written by Robyn W. Birkeland, PhD, Hayley R. McCarron, MPH, Manka Nkimberg, PhD, MPH, RN, and Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD, examined the similarities and diversity of services that were provided by the memory care clinics and the challenges that each are facing.

The research article shared that CCM Health, as well as the other interviewed memory care clinics, are providing patients with a “wealth of resources and support” in addition to being able to clearly name the cognitive diagnosis to the patient and family, as assessment results allowed. The article also highlighted that the interviewed clinics “engaged in thorough medication reviews and worked to provide appropriate medication with an emphasis on non-pharmacological methods to help treat behavioral, psychological, and safety concerns.”

“We were extremely pleased that our Memory Care Clinic was asked to be included and interviewed for this research article,” shared Gretchen Reeves, CCM Health’s Speech-Language Pathology Supervisor who oversees its Memory Care Clinic. “It provides us with the acknowledgement that the work we are doing in Southwest Minnesota is being recognized by colleagues in the memory care field.” Jessica Stettner, APRN, CNP, a provider who specializes in Adult Geriatric Care at CCM Health shared, “The Memory Care Clinic is an asset to CCM Health and the community. I greatly appreciate being able to have my patients evaluated locally for their memory concerns.”

CCM Health’ Memory Care Clinic works to assist patients, their loved ones or caregivers, and their health care provider, in obtaining a complete and objective evaluation of the patient’s memory and other thinking skills. For additional information on CCM Health and its memory care services, visit or call (320) 321-8230.

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