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CCM Health Announces Major Clinic Remodeling Project

CCM Health Announces Major Clinic Remodeling Project

CCM Health Announces Major Clinic Remodeling Project

CCM Health is excited to announce the start of a significant clinic remodeling project for parts of its clinic in Montevideo, Minnesota. This $2.06 million renovation is designed to cater to the clinic’s expanding needs and to continue providing outstanding patient care.

The remodel, anticipated to be completed in August 2024, will focus on several key areas to enhance the patient experience, and accommodate the clinic’s growth. The main registration area will see the addition of new Patient Access registration desks and a revamped patient waiting area. To support their growing patient care teams and improve patient services, CCM Health is adding three provider offices and eleven state-of-the-art exam rooms.

Continuing its recognition of the importance of mental health services, the Behavioral Health area will be remodeled by moving five offices to ensure more therapy space. The Diabetes Education department is also expanding, with two new offices being constructed near CCM Health’s surgery area to better serve their patients with diabetes.

This project shows CCM Health’s commitment to adapt and grow in response to the community’s health needs. “As we continue to grow, it’s essential that our facilities do, too. This clinic remodeling project allows us to provide the excellent patient care that our community expects and deserves, with the space needed to do so efficiently,” said Brian Lovdahl, CEO for CCM Health.

CCM Health appreciates the community’s patience and support as they begin this exciting project to enhance their clinic on April 1, 2024. CCM Health is committed to minimizing disruptions during this time and ensuring that patients continue receiving the high-quality care they have come to expect from them.

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