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CCM Health and Chippewa Enterprises Partner to Provide New Community Jobs

Montevideo, Minnesota —CCM Health is excited to announce a new partnership with Chippewa Enterprises to create job opportunities for their clients. Starting Monday, May 20, 2024, clients from Chippewa Enterprises will help clean the grounds on the CCM Health campus in Montevideo once per week. This collaboration aims to provide valuable work experience for Chippewa Enterprises’ clients while maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for CCM Health patients and staff.

“This partnership is mutually beneficial to CCM Health and Chippewa Enterprises,” said Brian Lovdahl, CEO of CCM Health. “This partnership helps keep our campus clean for our patients and employees, and Chippewa Enterprise clients appreciate working in the community and learning new skills.”

Cindy Coil, Employment Specialist Supervisor at Chippewa Enterprises, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration. “We and our clients are excited to help provide this weekly service for CCM Health,” said Coil.

About Chippewa Enterprises:
Chippewa Enterprises partners with local community businesses to create opportunities for developing work skills, earning, and community contributions for their clients. It is a place where individuals learn, thrive, and build meaningful relationships.

About CCM Health:
CCM Health is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to delivering exceptional medical services to the Montevideo, Minnesota community. Committed to advancing patient care, CCM Health continually invests in innovative facilities and technology, ensuring that the local population receives the highest standard of care and support.

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