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Emergency Room

CCM Health - ER

Emergency Room

The CCM Health Emergency Room (ER) is staffed with highly trained emergency health care professionals 24/7, 365 days a year. Our providers and nurses are specially trained to care for strokes, trauma, heart attacks, and administer lifesaving treatment. We bring skilled staff right to the Emergency Department to evaluate any mental health needs.

The CCM Health Emergency Department cares for pediatric through adult emergencies any time of day. Telemedicine services are available 24/7, ability to see and talk to a neurologist within 20 min of arrival to the ER with stroke like symptoms. We also provide X-ray, CT, and lab services available at all times. When specialty care is needed CCM Health can facilitate transportation to a specialty care center using our local Advanced Life Support Ambulance or helicopter for emergent needs.

The Minnesota Department of Health classifies CCM Health’s Emergency Department as a Level IV Trauma Center, providing initial trauma care, and transferring to a higher level of trauma care when necessary.

The Minnesota Department of Health designates CCM Health as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital, certifying CCM Health can deliver immediate and life-saving interventions for stroke patients, including vital medication.

Full-Service Care

The following symptoms or conditions can be seen at CCM Health’s Walk-In Clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Room. To learn more, download the Full PDF.

Providers at Emergency Room

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