Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a service that seeks to enhance the quality of life of patients afflicted with any number of musculoskeletal or neurologic disorders. Patients that come to physical therapy may have weakened from an illness/injury and need direction in regaining their strength to their baseline. We are here to help guide our patients and teach them different exercises to maintain or gain function and mobility.

CCM Health also provides rehabilitation services for inpatients and Home Health patients for a variety of reasons including post-operative orthopedic recovery, helping to determine safe living environments for ill or impaired patients, balance and safety assessments, and recommendations for assistive devices to be used in the home.

All our physical therapists have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT), have passed the national board exam, and are licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota. Our physical therapist assistant staff have also passed a national board exam and are licensed in the state of Minnesota. Certified athletic trainers (ATC) are board certified and licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota under supervision of a physician. Continuing education is required for all to maintain licensure.

Physical Therapy Hours are:
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm; Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Treatment Philosophy

Visits to our Physical Therapy department emphasize education of the patient. We do a thorough evaluation then explain, in terms that you can understand, that assessment. We work with your health care provider to develop the plan of care that best suits your particular diagnosis and needs. We provide treatment and support to facilitate your recovery through exercise and other physical interventions, while also fostering independence by teaching self-management. Although we do use some modality-type treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, and TENS, it is rarely the solution to the problem and so these methods of treatment are only used as needed to accomplish our goals.

Scope of Practice

Although Minnesota is a direct access state, (legally you can receive a physical therapy evaluation and treatment without first going to your doctor) our patients come to us by referral. Contact your healthcare provider to request a referral. We are trained to identify signs and symptoms that do not “fit” and refer our patients back to their provider if there is suspicion of a medical diagnosis that would need to be addressed.

We treat a very wide variety of ailments including, but not limited to:

  • Sprains/strains
  • Vertigo
  • Pelvic floor weakness (incontinence)
  • Chronic and acute back pain
  • Headaches
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Neuromuscular disorders like Parkinson’s
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Specialty Physical Therapy Services

Managing or Resolving Chronic Pain

Chronic pain treatment is beneficial to individuals dealing with persistent pain that is not improving naturally or with other treatment approaches. This may include cases of prolonged pain after an injury or motor vehicle accidents, gradually progressing pain thought to be related to joint degeneration, or long-term pain concerns with lack of causative diagnosis.

We support and provide a framework for individuals to treat chronic pain concerns and improve their quality of life. We want our patients to be directly involved in the development of an individualized care plan which encompasses all aspects of their life. Treatment would likely involve considerable education on pain, instruction on a personalized home exercise program, discussion of home/work modifications, and possibly the use of manual therapy or other pain management treatment approaches.

Concussion Management and Vestibular Rehabilitation

CCM Health’s Concussion Management and Vestibular Rehabilitation team focuses on effective, evidence-based evaluation and treatment of concussion-related issues, dizziness and balance impairments. We allow for multi-disciplinary evaluation and treatment of post-concussion symptoms, whether they are from a recent injury or months to years ago.

CCM Health’s providers emphasize individualized care for each patient, as a concussion injury, dizziness, or balance problem can and will affect each patient differently. Evaluating each patient with respect to his or her unique presentation allows our therapist to develop a specific treatment plan that supports the patient’s goals and recovery.

Specialized equipment and technology are available and incorporated for evaluation when appropriate. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Sports Medicine

CCM Health’s athletic trainers have been affiliated with the Montevideo School System providing sports medicine services since 1998. We cover local and regional athletic events, providing athletic training services and have an excellent working relationship with the coaching staff. We also provide free athletic screenings to area high school and middle school athletes and have your or your child’s, well-being as our highest priority.

We provide the best advice to our athletes, coaches, and parents. As athletic trainers, we have many years of experience treating athletes of all levels from the middle schooler, to the professional athlete. We have excellent relationships with providers in Montevideo and neighboring towns, as well as many specialty groups.

Our physical therapy staff have strong orthopedic and sports medicine backgrounds, and are also expertly equipped to continue care for those athletes experiencing a longer recovery period or for the more mature athletes that are outside their years of academic-related participation.

Our services include: 

  • Free athletic screenings (for student-athletes)
  • Participation in pre-participation physicals
  • Concussion evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation from injury

Getting You Back in the Game

We treat everything from sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, back pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, concussion, knee pain, and hip pain; anything that might limit your ability to work or play. If you might take an aspirin for it, chances are we can help you not need that aspirin.

Unique to concussion management, we are able to utilize ImPACT testing as part of post-injury assessment.  This testing provides a reliable and objective measure of a person’s cognitive processing and reaction time in the event of a concussion.  Post-injury test scores are compared to baseline scores when available, or to age-related normative values, to help gauge recovery.  These results are also reviewed with other medical providers involved in the patient’s care to guide safe return-to-play and return-to-learn decisions.

Parkinson’s Support Parkinson’s Support 


LSVT-BIG trains people with Parkinson disease and other neurological disorders to use their body more normally.  This includes improving a person’s ability to get around, walk, get dressed and other daily activities. CCM Health practices a physical therapy treatment program specifically designed for persons with Parkinson’s disease in efforts to prevent and treat physical detriments due to the disease process.