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Oncology & Infusion Center

CCM Health - Oncology & Infusion Center

Caring for Cancer and Beyond

CCM Health Montevideo Hospital’s Oncology & Infusion Center provides innovative as well as traditional approaches to cancer treatment. Nurses are trained and certified in oncology work with patients and their families to help them maintain their quality of life and find the best way to live with and beyond cancer. The outpatient chemotherapy program is designed to allow cancer patients the ability to receive their care and treatments close to home.

Outpatient chemotherapy treatments are available Monday through Friday with flexible scheduling to meet the needs of the patient. A certified oncology nurse gives individualized care to the patient during the treatment course. Oncology Staff are skilled in giving care to patients both professionally and compassionately.

Oncology certified nurses, along with the pharmacists, work closely with the referring oncologist and the patient’s personal physician. The oncologist sees patients at our facility on a weekly basis.

Education regarding cancer-related issues is provided.

The Oncology Infusion Center also provides injections and intravenous treatments for patients with other medical diagnosis. They work with local physicians and specialists appropriate to patient’s diagnosis.

Providers at Oncology & Infusion Center

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