EXP Training Center

Maximize your athletic ability and improve your performance potential!

The CCM Wellness Center has upped its game and added the EXP Training Center to its facility.
The EXP Training Center offers many programs to train any athlete in western Minnesota.

Our training center welcomes all athletes in western Minnesota that are looking to improve their performance. Our goal is to use a proven training approach to offer our athletes cutting-edge strength, power, and speed training to blow away the competition.
CCM Wellness Center’s dedicated training staff strives to produce complete athletes. 

EXP Training Program Flyer

EXP Training Center Now Offers EXP+ Training Program!

What is EXP+?
EXP+ is designed to develop a strong community of athletes. All Athletes / All Ages!
We follow a periodized programming schedule to optimize performance and results year-round. This group is open to any and all skill levels and can be modified to best fit your needs and experience.

What to expect:
EXP+ workouts are all hour-long sessions that follow the same general format:
(1) Warmup/mobility, (2) Main strength movement(s), (3) Accessory/assistance exercises.
We will focus on the six foundational movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry), utilizing a variety of exercises and equipment from dumbbells and kettlebells to barbells and band work.

Mondays – Thursdays; 6:00 – 7:00am

EXP+ Cost:
Only $75.00/month
(must be a current member of the CCM Wellness Center)

Luke shares more about the EXP Training Center and the progress athletes make in the program.