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Tri-County COVID Medical Center Not Selected as Alternative Care Site

The leaders from the five health care organizations partnering to develop the Tri-County COVID Medical Center (TCMC) were notified that TCMC was not selected as the MN Southwest Region Community Alternative Care Site (ACS). The State determined that the Community ACS’s should be used as overflow sites, utilizing surge capacity of both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients within the hospitals until they reach maximum occupancy.

Appleton Area Health (Appleton, MN), CCM Health (Montevideo, MN), Johnson Memorial Health Services (Dawson, MN), Madison Healthcare Services (Madison, MN), and Swift County Benson Health Services (Benson, MN) have done amazing work in collaborating on this project while preparing each of their respective facilities internally for a potential surge of COVID-19 affected patients. These health care organizations will continue to provide exceptional care for their patients, who remain their top priority through this pandemic. Due to the TCMC site not being selected as an alternative care site, the previously approved respective county funds for the project will not be utilized.

In preparing for COVID-19, the independent health care organizations identified that along with CoreCivic, as well as state, county and city resources, they have a strong network focused on emergency preparedness. Due to the work that has been completed, TCMC remains an additional resource for the region, if the need arises.

Further updates regarding TCMC will be provided through Appleton Area Health’s Public Information Officer. News media inquiries should be directed to Angel Molden by emailing