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CCM Wellness Center Thanks Kids Zone Benefactors

CCM Wellness Center held an event on Thursday, June 9, 2022, to thank the donors who gave towards the Kids Zone indoor playground in early 2020. The event, which coincided with CCM Wellness Center’s two-year anniversary, was attended by more than 70 donors representing approximately 20 organizations and individuals who helped make the Kids Zone indoor playground.

During the hour-long event, attendees were thanked by Brian Lovdahl, CCM Health CEO, and Leah Lehtola, CCM Wellness Center and Community Health Director. Ms. Lehtola shared some of the accomplishments the Kids Zone has had since it opened, including:

  • Kids Zone hosted more than 87 birthdays and field trips over the last year alone,
  • 1,687 Kids Zone visits have been purchased by the members of the public,
  • The playground has had many visits from groups of children outside of Montevideo
    including MACCRAY public schools and Madison’s Little Blessings preschool class,
  • Some of CCM Health’s pediatric services utilize the space as well when meeting with patients.

“We continue to be grateful for the generosity the Montevideo-area community has shown us when building the Kids Zone indoor playground,” said Brian Lovdahl. “These businesses and members of the public helped us build something that was new to Chippewa County. It truly is a year-round attraction that brings families and groups to Montevideo.”

The Kids Zone playground provides the latest and greatest equipment for toddlers and children up to 12 years of age. The CCM Wellness Center is open during staffed hours at CCM Wellness Center. More information on the playground, including availability, can be found at